GUSTO PRO Commercial Blender
600 - 15,000
15,000 RPM
Smoothie 1 / Smoothie 2 / Green Smoothie / Dough / Bisque
LC Display
(h / t / b, in mm)
540 x 220 x 220
477.5mm(h) x 229.86mm (w) x 244mm (L)
Scope of delivery
2 Liter Mixing Container
1.5 Liter Mixing Container
Tamper (for 1.5L container)
Tamper with patented temperature gauge (for 2L container)
Instruction manual With recipes


The DC motor offers a wide range of speeds. From kneading to grinding - it offers extreme versatility in the preparation of meals and green smoothies.


GUSTO PRO Commercial Blender

With GUSTO PRO, bianco di puro presents the ultimate high-performance mixer for the professional league. Outstanding workmanship, easy handling, low operating volume and versatility characterize this blender for the catering trade. The innovative brushless DC motor provides up to 400% more torque. This power predestines GUSTO PRO to take on more difficult tasks such as kneading dough in addition to the usual mixing tasks. A further advantage of the wear-free DC motor is the considerably (12 dB) lower operating volume and the 30% higher energy efficiency compared to blenders with AC motors. For high demands on quiet operation, there is a suitable Sound Cover for GUSTO PRO. 5 predefined and 5 individually adjustable mix programs round off the excellent impression GUSTO PRO makes. A 5-year warranty on the motor block for commercial use also speaks for this sophisticated power blender for professionals.